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  • Rules and Tools

    Fight tabletop battles in an hour and whole campaigns in a weekend

    Rules and Tools 
  • Antiquity

    Armies of Antiquity and Biblical Times in the Age of Chariots

    Smite Thine Enemies! 
  • Macedonian and Punic Wars

    Armies of the Wars of the Mediterranean World and Alexander's Conquests

    To the Strongest! 
  • Rome and the Barbarians

    From Republican times to the Fall of the Western Empire

    Hail Caesar! 
  • Dark Age Europe

    Vikings, Saxons, Normans, Welsh, Scots Irish, Franks, Breton, Visigoths

  • Feudal and Early Medieval

    The great battles of Knights, Kings, and Emperors

    Fight for the King! 
  • The Steppes

    Alans, Bulgars, Khazar, Avars, Magyar, Pechenegs, Rus, Slavs, Seljuks, Turks, Tatars, Cumans and Mongols

    Ride to Victory! 
  • Armies of Islam

    Arab Conquest and Empire, Seljuks, Saracens, Ghaznavid, Granadine and Andalusian

    Allah Hu Akbar! 
  • China

    Shang, Chou, Chin, Han, Tang, Sui, Sung, Northern, Southern, and 5 Dynasties

    Enter the Middle Kingdom! 
  • Asia

    Khitan Liao, Korean, Samurai, Huns, Mongols, Moghuls, Ghaznavids, and Seljuks

    For the Emperor! 
  • Americas

    Aztecs and Incas

    Discover a New World! 
  • Renaissance

    Armies in the Early Days of Gunpowder Warfare, the Thirty Years War and the English Civil War

    Pike and Shot! 
  • Eastern Roman/Byzantine

    Armies of a Christian Rome

  • Equipment

    Artillery, Wagons, Boats, Camps - everything needed to keep your army supplied

    Where's the Supply Train?! 
  • Shield and Banner Transfers

    Upgrade the look of your armies with Veni, Vidi, Vici Decals and Little Big Man Shield Transfers

    Ooh Pretty Shields! 
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