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Essex/Wild Fabrum

Stormin' Normans Deluxe Army Pack 1050 - 1128 AD

Stormin' Normans Deluxe Army Pack 1050 - 1128 AD

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The Normans were the Bad Boys of the 11th and 12th Century. Duke William conquered England in 1066 and Norman freebooters carved a kingdom out of Southern Italy and Sicily. Norman mercenaries fought for and against the Byzantines and Norman (and similarly armed Franks) made up the bulk of the Early Crusader armies.

This collection provides Essex miniatures to build one army that can take the field as one of several related Triumph armies in the 11th or early 12th century (with options) out of 20 Triumph! stands:
Norman Conquest 1066 AD
West Frankish 888-1072 AD
Ottonian Franks 934-1106 AD
Early Crusader 1096-1128 AD
Anglo-Norman 1072-1180 AD
Feudal French 1072-1150 AD

Reference Guide included covering background, contents, stands, and historical and Fantasy Triumph Lists. The Reference Guide is delivered digitally immediately after purchase.

Knights x6
Javelin Cavalry x2
Elite Foot x2
Spear x2
Heavy Foot x2
Archers x2
Bow Levy x3
Skirmishers x1
Camp x1

Deluxe Army Pack curated by Terence McPartland


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