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Triumph! Crusades Laser Cut Starter Armies - Saladin vs Crusaders

Triumph! Crusades Laser Cut Starter Armies - Saladin vs Crusaders

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Want to play before painting an army? Starter Armies allow you to take the field right away. Laser engraved and cut from 3mm MDF, each pack provides a matched pair of armies for a historical refight using Triumph! rules. Bases are cut to standard 40mm base widths most commonly used for 15mm games. Each tile has the troop name, stand type, and battle stats engraved on it so that the pieces themselves help you learn to play quickly and easily. Tiles can be separated from backing quickly with a hobby knife. When you are ready to base your painted figures, you can use the same tiles for your 3D army.

 The Crusades Starter Armies pit Saladin's Ayyubid Egyptians vs Guy de Lusignan's Later Crusaders. Refight the battle of Hattin and the battles of the the movie Kingdom of Heaven.

Saladin's Ayyubid Egyptians (48 Army Points)
1 x Elite Cavalry General
3 x Elite Cavalry
4 x Horse Bow
4 x Javelin Cavalry
1 x Camp

Kingdom of Jerusalem (48 Army Points)
1 x Knight General
3 x Knights
6 x Heavy Foot
2 x Archers
3 x Bow Levy
1 x Camp


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