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Triumph! Tabletop Wargame Rules - Print Version 1.1

Triumph! Tabletop Wargame Rules - Print Version 1.1

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Triumph! Rules turn Ancient and Medieval battles into a fast playing table top game that can be played in about an hour. Based on a time tested opposed die roll combat system, Triumph! puts you in command of armies and faces each general with command control challenges managing the battle to victory. Two 48 point armies fight on terrain determined by opposed die rolls and the properties of each army. Over 600 historical army lists are available on line that cover big battles from 3000 BC to 1500 AD.

The Print Version of Triumph! is a high quality, spiral bound publication that lays flat and folds back for easy reference on the table. It is fully illustrated with examples, design notes, and diagrams to support easy learning of the rules. The rules are stable and extensively tested for long term play.

Published by Washington Grand Company


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